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Хомайра Бегум [Humaira or Homaira Begum] (1918 27. 06. 2002)
Супруга последнего короля (падишаха) Афганистана Захир-Шаха. Дочь сардара Ахмад Шах Хана(Sardar Ahmad Shah Khan) и его первой жены Зарин Бегум (Zarin Begum). Вступила в брак со своим двоюродным братом, наследным принцем Захир-Шахом 7 ноября 1931. В браке 8 детей: принцесса Bilqis Begum (17.04. 1932); кронпринц Muhammed Akbar Khan (4 . 08. 1933 - 26 11. 1942); кронпринц Ahmad Shah(23. 09. 1934); принцесса Maryam Begum (2. 11. 1936); принц Muhammed Nadir Khan (21. 05. 1941); принц Shah Mahmoud Khan (15. 11. 1946 - 7. 12. 2002); принц Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan (14. 04. 1949); принц Mir Wais Khan (7. 01. 1957).

В 1946 Королева Хамира создала Женское Общество, которое было самым первым женским институтом в Афганистане. В 1959 она поддерживала предложение премьер-министра Мохаммеда Дауда об отказе ношения женщинами Афганистана паранжиджи. После свержения в 1973 её супруга провела в изгнании с ним 29 лет,живя, преимущественно, в Риме в районе Olgiata на Via Cassia вблизи столицы Италии. За неделюдо намеченной даты возвращения на родину, Х.Б. была госпитализирована с сердечным приступом и два дня спустя умерла. Останки Хамиры Бегум были перевезены в Кабул и с соблюдением воинских почестей торжественно погребены в присутствии вдовца и президента Хамида Карзая в Королевской усыпальнице.

О ней: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humaira_Begum

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Afghan king's wife dies in Rome
Thursday, 27 June, 2002, 01:04 GMT 02:04 UK

The wife of Afghan king Zahir Shah has died in Rome only a few weeks before she was to return to her homeland to be reunited with her husband. Homaira Shah, 84-years-old, died two days after being admitted to hospital with breathing problems and heart trouble.

Her heart stopped beating earlier today, she is dead

Hospital official

She had lived in Rome with her husband since 1973, when the king was overthrown in a bloodless coup while on holiday. The king had returned to Afghanistan in April, accompanied by interim leader Hamid Karzai, and received a warm welcome from his former subjects, although he insisted that he returned merely as a citizen of the troubled country.


His wife had been due to join him in a few weeks, and the couple had been preparing to move into a house in Kabul. Homaira Shah, who bore her husband nine children, had been waiting for the political situation in the country to stabilise before joining her husband. Her body will now be flown to Afghanistan for burial. "Everything was basically ready for her departure. Now we are just devastated," said her granddaughter Homaira Wali.


Sunday, 30 June, 2002, 13:42 GMT 14:42 UK
Ex-queen buried in Afghanistan

The former queen died of a heart attack on Wednesday. The body of Afghanistan's former queen arrived in Kabul on Sunday where her remains were buried in the royal tomb. Homaira Zahir Shah, 86, died on Wednesday in hospital in Italy.

The couple had lived in exile since 1973

The royal couple had lived in exile in Rome since King Mohammed Zahir Shah was overthrown in a bloodless coup in 1973. Zahir Shah and new Afghan President Hamid Karzai were among the 100 dignitaries on hand as an Italian military plane landed with the ex-queen's coffin on board. Her death came just weeks before she was to be reunited with her husband, who recently returned to Afghanistan to assist in its transition to democracy.

Warm welcome

Men in military uniforms, tribal representatives in traditional robes, and many cabinet ministers from Mr Karzai's administration looked on as the coffin, draped in the country's flag, was unloaded by military pallbearers.

A granddaughter said the ex-queen died of a heart attack after being admitted to a clinic two days earlier suffering bronchitis and pneumonia. Memorial and funeral services were set for Monday in two Kabul mosques. Zahir Shah returned to Afghanistan in April, accompanied by interim leader Hamid Karzai, and received a warm welcome from his former subjects. Homaira, who bore her husband nine children, did not accompany him because of her ill health. Apart from Zahir Shah who is also her cousin, the queen is survived by seven of her nine children and at least 14 grandchildren.


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Humaira Begum (1918 – 27 June 2002) was the wife of Mohammed Zahir Shah and the last Queen consort of Afghanistan
Humaira Begum was the daughter of Sardar Ahmad Shah Khan and his first wife Zarin Begum. She married her cousin the Crown Prince of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir on 7 November 1931. Together they had six sons and two daughters.

On 8 (7 ?) November 1933 after the assassination of her father in law Mohammed Nadir Shah her husband was proclaimed King and Humaira became Queen consort of Afghanistan.

In 1946 Queen Humaira created the Women's Society which was the first ever women's institute in Afghanistan. In 1959 she supported the call by the Prime minister Mohammed Daoud Khan for women to voluntary removal the veil by removing her own.

In 1973, while her husband Mohammed Zahir Shah was in Italy undergoing eye surgery as well as therapy for lumbago, his cousin and former Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan staged a coup d'etat and established a republican government. Daoud Khan had been removed from office by Zahir Shah a decade earlier. In the August following this coup, Zahir Shah abdicated rather than risk an all-out civil war.

Humaira and Zahir Shah spent their twenty-nine years in exile in Italy living in a modest four-bedroom villa in the affluent community of Olgiata on Via Cassia, north of the city of Rome.

Just weeks before she was to return to Afghanistan and be reunited with her husband who recently had returned, Begum was admitted to hospital with breathing problems and heart trouble and died two days later.

Her body was returned to Afghanistan and was greeted at the airport by military personnel, tribal representatives in traditional robes, and cabinet ministers from Hamid Karzai's government. Memorial and funeral services were also held for her in two Kabul mosques. Her remains were buried in the Royal Mausoleum in Kabul.

Six sons and two daughters:
Princess Bilqis Begum 17 April 1932; Prince Muhammed Akbar Khan 4 August 1933-26 November 1942; Crown Prince Ahmad Shah Khan 23 September 1934; Princess Maryam Begum 2 November 1936; Prince Muhammed Nadir Khan 21 May 1941; Prince Shah Mahmoud Khan 15 November 1946-7 December 2002; Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan 14 April 1949;Prince Mir Wais Khan 7 January 1957.

Acc.: Morgan, Robin (1996). Sisterhood is Global. Feminist Press. pp. 40. ISBN 1558611606; "Afghan king's wife dies in Rome". BBC. 2002-06-27 news.bbc. 2002-06-27 ; "Ex-queen buried in Afghanistan". BBC. 2002-06-30 news.bbc. 2002-06-230

1 baktria   (24.05.2009 10:05)
30.06.2002 18:10


КАБУЛ, 30 июня. /Корр. РИА "Новости" Петр Гончаров/. Кабул проводил в последний путь бывшую королеву Афганистана Малику Омайру. 86-летняя Малика Омайра скончалась в результате сердечного приступа в среду в Риме, где прожила последние почти 29 лет.

Как передает корреспондент РИА "Новости", тело королевы было доставлено в воскресенье специальным самолетом ВВС Италии в афганскую столицу и захоронено в королевском семейном мавзолее, расположенном на вершине небольшой горы Тапэи Маранджан.

В последний путь королеву пришли проводить практически все политические и государственные лидеры нынешнего Афганистана - Хамид Карзай, маршал Касем Фахим, экс-президент Исламского государства Афганистана Барханутдин Раббани, Юнус Кануни и другие. Все они выразили соболезнования экс-монарху Афганистана Мухаммад Захир-Шаху.

Малика Омайра оставила о себе в Кабуле, да и во всем Афганистане, добрую память. Собственно слово "малика" в афганском языке означает "королева". И несмотря на то, что Омайра лишилась этого титула в июле 1973 года, тем не менее в Кабуле ее называли не иначе, как Малика, то есть королева.

По словам пожилых афганцев, зачастую Омайра была последней надеждой и адвокатом простых людей, отчаявшихся найти справедливость у государства. Омайра не вмешивалась в государственные дела мужа, тем не менее, по словам людей, знавших королевскую семью, она поддержала морально Захир-Шаха, когда тот решился не беспрецедентный по тем временам и афганским меркам шаг - принятие в 1964 году новой конституции Афганистана.

В соответствии с новой конституцией женщинам было позволено скинуть чадру, были провозглашены определенные свободы, в том числе свобода печати и легализация политических партий. По словам людей близко знавших Омайру, она надеялась и мечтала вернуться в Кабул, но этому не суждено было случиться.

Источник: Дайджест "Королевские новости за июнь 2002"

© РИА "Новости" 2002

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